Hunchy Hemp House Qld ~ ‘HempRock Cottage’

Construction Commencement – February 2020

Owners comment:
Our intention from the beginning has been to create a ‘forever home’. Choosing materials and construction methods that would; have the least environmental impact, give the most benefits for health and comfort of living, while long-term consuming the least amount of energy. To achieve this we have borrowed elements from passive design and permaculture principles to optimise the design for sub-tropical South East Queensland. With the GeoSIP hemp blocks, the crowning glory in allowing us to achieve these goals with all the benefits they provide in terms of thermal dynamics and natural, non-toxic materials with a negative carbon footprint.

  • GeoSIP hemp block walls
  • Natural renders
  • Timber roof structure
  • Recycled poly batt roof insulation
  • Australian Hardwood Timber (ethically sourced)
  • Off-grid Solar System & Rainwater collection.
Small footprint with the best results.