Hempcrete Block Housing

The GeoSIP hempcrete block is an innovative, load-bearing building system – now available in Australia!

GeoSIP Introduction

The world produces 4 Billion M3 of concrete per year. That is enough to cover Great Britain and Ireland with 1M of harmful concrete. GeoSIP believes that building our homes with natural materials guarantees a perfect environmental balance.

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We use the waste – the woody part of a plant that has already provided us with seeds (for flower or oil) and fibre (for fabrics, rope and composites).

Those remains or ‘waste’ are mixed with an ancient recipe of lime binders and made into a building product. A Structural Insulated Panel, SIP or block.

The block is engineered with strong, weather resistant and long lasting materials that have been tested with amazing results.

This carbon negative building system is excellent for construction of homes, infill of high rise, buildings in fire prone areas, fire separation walls, hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices and renovations.

It is the best choice to construct healthy, non-toxic and load bearing walls, in the most economic way

The GeoSIP Block

The GeoSIP block and construction system is incredibly simple and quick to install.
Each block is 600mm wide x 308mm high x 300 mm deep. They don’t require mortar joints, weigh 18kgs and are 84% hemp.

Hemp Block Projects

Building with our GeoSIP blocks is becoming increasingly popular, contact us today to find out more.

Hunchy Hemp House QLD

Hunchy Hemp House QLD

“Our intention from the beginning has been to create a ‘forever home’. Choosing materials and construction methods that would; have the least environmental impact, give the most benefits for health and comfort of living, while long-term consuming the least amount of energy.

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Conondale Hempcrete House

Conondale Hempcrete House

Designed by Sketchi Architects, this 2 story solar passive eco home, allows for plenty of comfortable living space.
GeoSIP walls protect against the harsh Conondale climate of hot summers, cold winters and possible bush fires.

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Compact eco cabin that will NOT require heating or cooling.
Hempcrete Block Wall Properties include: long lasting, supreme insulation properties, termite proof, mould free, high fire resistant and air filtration.

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